Schedule squirrel removal services in Port Matilda, State College, Boalsburg or Stormstown, PA

Avoid Major Damage to Your Attic

Do you keep hearing scratching noises in your attic? You might have a squirrel problem. Fortunately, Nittany Valley Varmints, LLC offers squirrel removal services in Boalsburg, State College, Port Matilda and Stormstown, PA.

We can use humane traps to catch and remove any squirrels that have invaded your home. Our team will release the squirrels in a safe location - far away from your home.

Don't let squirrels continue to damage your home. Contact us today to get speedy and reliable squirrel removal services.

Protect your home from squirrels

Nittany Valley Varmints is your go-to squirrel removal company in the Port Matilda, State College, Boalsburg and Stormstown, PA areas. You should have squirrels removed right away because they can chew through your:

  • Attic insulation and rafters
  • Electrical wiring
  • Wood framing
  • PVC piping

The last thing you need is damaged PVC pipes flooding your home. Call 814-880-0851 today to arrange for squirrel removal services. We can even repair damage caused by squirrels.

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